Since file resolution can have a huge effect on file sizes (and download times), I've saved my PDF portfolio with three different sizing options to try to accomodate for different internet connections. Above you will see three different buttons, they are for: Low Resolution (2.5MB), Medium Resolution (6MB) and High Resolution (22MB).

I recomment downloading the Medium Resolution (6MB) version, but feel free to get whichever you like. There are multiple ways to view and/or save the files - You can click on the buttons to view the PDF, and then right-click on the PDF to "Save as" - you can right-click on the buttons themselves and choose "Save target as" - your browser may offer more options than this as well. If you have any problems downloading any of the PDF portfolio files, please click the "Contact Me" button on the left of the page, or you can email me at your convienience at:

Thanks for your interest in downloading my PDF portfolio!

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